Friday, June 05, 2009

Status Report after visit to IDP Camp

We are happy to announce that we have now reached the target of securing pledges for 100 toilets and majority of the funds have started coming in. As of now, 55 toilets are under construction and the balance 45 will commence before the end of this week, bringing the total to 100. We are grateful for all our family members, friends and friends of friend’s who gave generously towards this cause at very short notice. Your generous contributions has eased the pain for couple of thousands of people.

Whilst all the zones are equipped with toilets, there is congestion due to the large number of people and there are new zones coming up to ease this congestion. Therefore, the need for addition toilets for both the existing Zones is as urgent as the need for toilets for new Zones that are being established. There were several donors who inquired from us what we plan to do after we complete the 100 toilets. We have also received several requests from the SLA for toilets for existing Zones as well as new Zones. After discussing the status with the SLA officers on site, the RCCR has decided to continue the project beyond the 100 toilets.

We are launching a fresh appeal to secure funds to build the next 100 toilets. Out of this 100 toilets, we will deploy 60 in the new Zone 5 that is coming up. The balance 40 will be deployed in Zone II.

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