Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Location of IDP Camp

For those of you who are un-aware of the location of the IDP Camps; the above Map of Sri Lanka will depict the Location in RED
The IDP Camp is aproximately 350Km North of Colombo.

Rotary IDP Camp - Site Plan

Pictured above is the Rotary IDP Camp (Zone 3 - A, B, C) in Chettikulam, Vavuniya.

The site plan depicts a status report after the return of two RCCR members from the site last week.
In total, 35 Toilets have been constructed. Money for another 65 were handed over. Of the total toilets to be deployed, 08 units will be constructed to facilitate usage by Elderly and Differently Abled individuals.
A Bio Gas unit will be setup (Waste from Toilets & Kitchens) to provide natural methane gas as a free energy source for powering the kitchens.
Provision have also been made to install a Water Purification Plant (Water extracted via 02 Tube Wells) with a capacity for 1,000 people.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Donor List - Temporary Toilets for IDP's

Funds Received by Rotary Club of Colombo Regency for Building Temporary Toilets for IDP's at Menik Farm, Vavuniya.

Name & Amounts Received (LKR)

1 . Achintha Weerasinghe - LKR 11,325.00
2 . Ahamed Cader - LKR 17,500.00
3 . Altaf Ismail - LKR 17,500.00
4 . Aruni Fernando - LKR 5,000.00
5 . Azmir Shums - LKR 35,000.00
6 . Bary & Renuza Jaleel - LKR 35,000.00
7 . Chamin Bolonne - LKR 10,000.00
8 . Christo Stephen - LKR 8,750.00
9 . Crown City Developers - LKR 17,500.00
10 . Daniel Gunaseelan - LKR 92,000.00
11 . Darshatha Wijesinghe - LKR 2,500.00
12 . Dr. Sanath Jayanetti (tharanga) - LKR 35,000.00
13 . Duhara Perera - LKR 5,000.00
14 . Emar Pharma - LKR 70,000.00
15 . Harsha De Silva - LKR 17,500.00
16 . Indi Samarajiva - LKR 17,500.00
17 . J.J. Croos - LKR 15,000.00
18 . Anonymous - LKR 138,000.00
19 . Kumee Rao - LKR 17,500.00
20 . LCS De Silva - LKR 10,000.00
21 . Malin Wickremasinghe - LKR 17,500.00
22 . Mr. Sahabdeen - LKR 30,000.00
23 . Mrs. Shariff - LKR 35,000.00
24 . Navantis Bandu's Team - LKR 4,600.00
25 . Navantis Sachintana's Team - LKR 14,000.00
26 . Navantis U.I.Team - LKR 17,000.00
27 . Nayana Serasinghe - LKR 17,500.00
28 . Nick Thompson - LKR 11,052.00
29 . Niha Nilar - LKR 17,500.00
30 . Pararajasingam Sivakumaran - LKR 26,864.00
31 . Prabash De Saram - LKR 35,000.00
32 . Priyan Attygalle - LKR 35,000.00
33 . RC Colombo Central - LKR 175,000.00
34 . Rifdy Fahmy - LKR 5,000.00
35 . Romeish Dias - LKR 17,500.00
36 . Ross Cook - LKR 11,325.00
37 . Rotaract Club of Colombo - LKR 490,000.00
38 . Rotary Club of Hancock - LKR 11,325.00
39 . Sarinda & Ashani Unamboowe - LKR 35,000.00
40 . Savantha De Saram - LKR 17,500.00
41 . Shiwantha Dias - LKR 10,000.00
42 . Suresh Ellawela - LKR 17,500.00
43 . T. Sivapatham - LKR 17,500.00
44 . Tariq Al Ayad - LKR 17,500.00
45 . Tharanga Gunaratne - LKR 17,500.00
46 . Vigilant Security & Investigation Services - LKR 70,000.00

Total Donations Received as of 5th June 2009 - LKR. 1,751,241.00 (USD 15,230/-)

We thank each and every individual who helps us help others!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Toilet Crisis in IDP Camps: UN report

Toilet Crisis in IDP Camps: UN report
By Chathuri Dissanayake

Only half of the required toilets and one sixth of the entire requirement of bathing spaces are available for the displaced people in Vavuniya camps, a United Nations report said.

While about 6,000 toilets are needed in the camps, only about 3,150 have been constructed and about 2800 need to be set up immediately, the report said. To reduce the ratio from 1:50 to 1:20, nearly 11,500 more toilets will have to be set up later.

Only 200 bathing spaces have been set up though 1,200 are needed. The Sunday Times learns that restrictions by the government on access to these camps have affected the progress of the relief work there. James Elder the spokesperson for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which is playing a major role in meeting the water and sanitation needs of the IDP camps, said, restrictions caused serious impediments in carrying out their work. However, they were doing their best.

"More needs to be done for these long-suffering people to get more water and sanitation facilities. Whilst the camps are run by the government, UNICEF and others continue to provide as much assistance as possible", he said.

Resettlement Minister Rishad Bathuideen said the government had advised UNICEF to set up 2,000 toilets in partnership with the Ceylon Engineering Consultancy Bureau and another 500 in collaboration with the State Development and Construction Corporation. “We are still facing difficulties as there was a sudden influx of displaced people. We hope to provide the facilities within a month,” he said.

According to the report there is insufficient cleared and levelled land for 15,000 tents and 11,000 emergency shelters which are currently available while more than 15,000 emergency shelters are required to meet the needs of the IDPs. The UN report also highlights the problem of an irregular water distribution system across the camp site though sufficient water is now available.

Mr. Bathuideen said talks were held between the government and the UN partners to provide 23,000 more shelters. He said, that with the opening of Malwathu Oya water project, the authorities could provide 500,000 litres of water to the IDP camps every day.

“The Water Board is taking steps to establish a purification point closer to the camp site. For drinking water we are planning to dig more tube wells,” the minister said.

The World Food Programme is short of $ 35 million of funds to meet the food needs of the IDPs. The WFP needs the funds to provide 300,000 IDPs food for three months from October till the end of the year.

“Food stocks are available till the end of September. The shortage is for the three months after that. Since it takes three to six months to get the food stuff, the earlier we get the funds the better” WFP Country Director Adnan Khan said.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

RCCR members go back to Vavuniya

Rtn. Nilesh and Rtn. Gehan are heading to the IDP Camp in Vavuniya today to evaluate the ground situations (Setup & Installation) with regards to the Temporary toilets being provided and to identify other Water & Sanitation based requirements.
Water & Sanitation projects are RCCR's focus at the IDP camp.
Thank you for your continued and encouraging support extended to us to carry out these much needed projects.
Await updates upon return after the weekend!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Temporary Toilets

Pictures of Temporary Toilets being completed; photo's taken whilst Rtn. Mario, Rtn. Bary & Rtn. Nilesh from RCCR visited the IDP camps.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Status Report after visit to IDP Camp

We are happy to announce that we have now reached the target of securing pledges for 100 toilets and majority of the funds have started coming in. As of now, 55 toilets are under construction and the balance 45 will commence before the end of this week, bringing the total to 100. We are grateful for all our family members, friends and friends of friend’s who gave generously towards this cause at very short notice. Your generous contributions has eased the pain for couple of thousands of people.

Whilst all the zones are equipped with toilets, there is congestion due to the large number of people and there are new zones coming up to ease this congestion. Therefore, the need for addition toilets for both the existing Zones is as urgent as the need for toilets for new Zones that are being established. There were several donors who inquired from us what we plan to do after we complete the 100 toilets. We have also received several requests from the SLA for toilets for existing Zones as well as new Zones. After discussing the status with the SLA officers on site, the RCCR has decided to continue the project beyond the 100 toilets.

We are launching a fresh appeal to secure funds to build the next 100 toilets. Out of this 100 toilets, we will deploy 60 in the new Zone 5 that is coming up. The balance 40 will be deployed in Zone II.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Sad News - Demise of our PP. Shantha

It is with deep sorrow we announce the untimely passing away of our Past President Rtn. Shantha Kenichi Matsuda Warnakulasooriya.

The remains will lie at 174/1 Stanley Tilekaratne Mawatha, Nugegoda, till 4pm Monday 1st June 2009.

Cremation will be at General Cemetery - Borella at 5.00pm on Monday 1st June 2009.