Saturday, April 30, 2005

School Project - Another Update

The architects have experienced a minor set back since their structural plans were not completed, which resulted in the BOQ not being made available to us yesterday as anticipated. We are in constant contact with the team of architects ( who by the way is providing their services free of charge) to get these documents released asap! We are looking at getting the BOQ somehow sometime next week.........we will keep you posted!

Friday, April 29, 2005

More Mobile Toilets from Regency for Tsunami Survivor Camps

The Intermediate relief committee have had a number of requests for more mobile toilets, which are an essential requirement at any camp.

We have already ordered 100 of which 70 have been despatched ( you may have read previous posts on this subject) and 30 are still in production. Due to the demand we have now placed an order for an additional50 toilets which we hope to produce and despatch to camps as soon as possible

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The School Rebuilding Project - Update

Our architects are now finalising the BOQ for the school - once we get this in to our hands tomorrow we will be handing it over to 2 contractors who will give us a bid for the reconstruction. The most reasonable of the two will be selected as our contractor. But this has to be further ratified by the District School Committee. Our target is to be able to start rebuilding by 15th May.

The Latest from the HOUSING Project

In our earlier blog postings for housing reconstruction (available under the Housing Project link), we stated that we were working with a community called Dutch Bar in Batticaloa to build 100 houses. The Market Research Firm AC Nielsen did a needs assessment study of this community and we also registered with the Urban Development Authority (UDA) to obtain Government land to build the houses. Land was identified in the Thiraimadu area and the Dutch Bar community was happy to move there since it was close to Batticaloa town.

Although an assurance was given by the UDA that the land for constructing 100 houses at Thiraimadu was reserved for our Club we were later informed that the identified land had been given to another NGO.

As a result, we have had to fall back to our plan “B”, which is to construct houses on a privately owned land in a place called Kathankudy donated by a businessman of the area. This business man is well known to a member of our club, and he is donating this land for this recontruction project. Therefore there is no cost in acquiring this land.

Kathankudy is also in the Batticaloa district, but around 6km away from the main town. However, the big disappointment to our club is that we will now not be able to build houses for the Dutch Bar community as they do not wish to move such a distance from their original location.

The land survey done in Kathankudy has revealed that 72 houses could be constructed on that land. We will be able to give more details on this project in our next update.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Regency Tsunami Projects - Finance Report as at 31st March 2005

1. Income & Expense Summary as at 31st March 2005

Total Donations received as at 31st March 2005 - Rs. 41,781,013.93

Total Expenses on Tsunami Relief - Rs. 6,868,651.04

Expenses Summary
1. Dry Rations Rs. 2,139,103.39
2. Medicine Rs. 812,440.40

3. Household Effects ( eg. Pillows, sheets, pots & pans) Rs. 2,230,139.50
4. Personal Effects
( eg. Underwear, baby bottles, sarongs etc) Rs. 786,967.75
5. Livelihood Projects ( eg. Outboat motors etc) Rs. 900,000.00

Tsunami Relief Fund Balance - Rs. 34,912,362.89

Note : The balance fund will be allocated between our 3 long term projects - Housing, School Rebuilding & Livelihoods. We will soon publish a table which will give a clear picture on how we propose to allocate the existing funds, along with our estimated shortfall for projects

2. Administration Income & Expenses

Administration & logistics related expenses have been recovered against interest income earned by placing the available funds in overnight government treasury bills ( securities)

Total Interest Income Earned as at 31st March 2005 - Rs. 364,284.16

Admin, Transport & Logistic Expenses - Rs. 101,751.00

Balance Available for Tsunami Project Admin Costs - Rs.262,533.16

3. Total Pledges Received ( 26th December ’04 to 4th April ‘05)

USD 463,603.-

This estimate value has been calculated by tabulating pledges informed to the club via e mail or phone. This is by no means a conclusive figure, but merely a figurative indication of the support received to our club by concerned individuals, organizations & rotary clubs from around the world. Reasons why this figure does not match the donors list as at 31st March 2005 are;
- some donors are yet to transfer funds or are awaiting instructions from us ( example – matching grant projects)
- some donors may have transferred direct without informing us via e mail
- some donors have given an initial pledge but are currently evaluating our project proposals for specific projects.
- some donors have pledged one value but the received value is less ( mainly due to intermediary bank charges)

Monday, April 04, 2005

100 Mobile Toilets to Relief Camps

Regency has ordered 100 mobile toilets from Lanka Walltiles Ltd. at a cost of Rs.10,000/- each to be sent to relief camps in the East and South. Of these 70 have already been dispatched to the following areas:
Matara 15
Galle 05
Kathankudy 20
Batticaloa 30