Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Danish Rotarians Fund 3 School Re-Building Projects

Rotary District 3220 - Sri Lanka has undertaken the reconstruction of 25 tsunami struck schools. Regency has been given the responsibility of co-ordinating the construction of two schools.
We are pleased to announce that rebuilding of one of these schools - Sri Vinayagar Vidyalaya in Batticaloa, will be funded by Rotary Denmark. A four-member delegation from Denmark visited Sri Lanka, and visited Jaffna, Trincomalee, and Batticaloa. They took part in some of the relief work, and gained first hand experience of the situation in these areas. The team signed a Memorandum of Understanding to sponsor the construction of three schools.
The three schools sponsored by Rotary Denmark are: Kudaththanai Karaiyoor in Jaffna, Thamaraivil Al-Rawla in Trincomalee and Sri Vinayagar Vidyalaya in Batticaloa. These schools were selected jointly by the Apex Committee and the visiting team.
Please refer to
Rotary Sri Lanka for more information on the visiting Rotarians from Denmark.
Thank you Rotary Denmark – your generosity will long be remembered by a grateful nation.

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