Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Contribution from Eastern Connecticut State University, USA

Eastern Connecticut State University, USA was home to several Regency members during their undergraduate studies. We left the campus over 12 years ago, but kept in touch with the faculty. When the tsunami hit Sri Lanka, they were one of the earliest to write to us. Subsequently they contributed a sum of USD 1,384 towards our relief activities with the accompanying note-
"Please know that our thoughts are with you, other Eastern alumni and your fellow Sri Lankans who have been impacted directly or otherwise by this disaster. We hope that this contribution will assist in the relief efforts.... "
Regency thanks the faculty, students and the staff of Eastern for their thoughtful contribution.
- Tharanga Gunaratne.

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PerumalsBLOG said...

ECSU certainly has a special place in quite a few of our members hearts. I had some of my best times while at Eastern.

There are 5 of us at Regency and interestingly the first 3 presidents (there have been only 3 so far) are all ECSU alumnus.

Thank you Eastern.

Mario Perumal
President 2004/05

Class of '93