Thursday, January 20, 2005

Read Write Sri Lanka Phase 2

Read Wrire Sri Lanka [RW SL] is now moving on the second phase of the initiative after the completetion of the highly successful first phase. The phase 2 goal is to raise 5,000 backpacks by September 2005. RW SL hopes to ship a container in early June, as the first stage of supplies collected.

Each child could prepare a backpack containing school supplies appropriate for him or her to last a child for as long as you wish – six months, one year. You can put what you use in school. The backpack may include school supplies such as pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, crayons, scissors, bound notebooks [loose paper is not used in Sri Lanka]. In addition, little toys, toiletries, hair ornaments for girls, socks and shoes [Sri Lankan schools generally use all white or black shoes/sneakers and white socks], shoes/sandals for out of school wear also would be useful to be included in the backpack gift.

RW SL would like to encourage partnerships with schools/classes for this initiative. Individual contributions are most welcome too. The 5000 backpacks will be distributed to children to have new school supplies and a backpack for the new school term. Rotary Regency will directly hand over these backpacks to the most needy children of the South, East, and north of the country. At present, Rotary Regency is working with the Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka and the Center for National Operations to identify the most needy children and schools. As soon as the formalities are sorted out, we will upload the list of schools on the rotary regency supported weblog

If anyone is interested in participating in this initiative, please contact Imalka Senadhira in the U.S. on +301-656-6919 or to discuss logistics and other formalities.

Note by Harsha:
Imalka had sent me a detailed document which I am unable to load on the blog, so please email her or Chamila at for same.

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