Monday, December 27, 2004


This site was initiated to co-ordinate collection and distribution of relief items to the victims of the single largest disaster to hit Sri Lanka on the morning of December 26th.

As you would have learned by now, a massive tsunami hit Sri Lankan coastal areas causing extensive damage to areas in the western, southern, and eastern coasts. An assessment of the actual damage to the victims and property is not yet been made, as the danger is still not over, with fears of further tidal waves forming. Upto now a minimum of 10,500 human lives are reported lost, but it is feared that the actual number could be much more than that.

We, the Rotary Club of Colombo Regency [] are formulating plans to channel relief to the areas where they are most needed in Sri Lanka. At a time of this national disaster the nation and its people must stand together. Stand together to help the million victims who have been displaced from their homes and loved ones. Not only have these people lost their family/loved ones they have lost everything except for the clothes on their back.

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