Wednesday, February 09, 2011

RCCR Releases More Funds to RCK

RCCR Flood Relief Effort Committee just authorized and released a further LKR 200,000/- to Rotary club of Kalmunai to purchase emergency relief items.

We felt the funds released to RCK would speed up relief efforts as sourcing and transporting from Colombo would delay our efforts by 2 days minimum, which we cannot afford to incur due to the urgency of the requirement!

Death toll rises!

The death toll due to the latest wave of floods has gone up to 16 while an estimated 1.2 million people had been affected and 172,535 people were displaced as of today.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Update re. Floods from Rotary Club of Kalmunai

Pictures sent in by the Rotary Club of Kalmunai (RCK), who are actively coordinating on-site Relief Efforts in Kalmunai areas show the results of a sudden shower that resulted in the surrounding areas.

The submerged Jeep is the RCK vehicle used to distribute the Relief items, which according to RCK needed rescuing.

Current round of rains have resulted in many people being left homeless and in-need of urgent assistance. The rains have damaged and destroyed many retaining walls of lakes and damns releasing large volumes of water towards un-suspecting residents.

Sat Image Update

The above Sat image of Sri Lanka clearly shows the permanent cloud formation over the Island.

Temperatures range from a high of 31C to a low of 24C with specific areas in country dropping to much lower levels!

Storms and Thundershowers are forecasted for the next couple of days!


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Relief Distribution at Valathapitty Refugee Camp

The Rotary Club of Kalmunai distributed Lunch Parcels, Mineral Water Bottles and Used Clothes for the Refugees accommodated in Valathapitty Vidyalayam. These peoples are displaced from Mallikaithivu, and Valathapitty low land areas.

Valthapitty is approximately 20Km from Kalmunai Town. RCK members generally pass through Sammanthurai, however, yesterday they we could not travel through Sammanthurai or through Malkampitty route due to floods. They reached this School through Akkaripathu, which is almost 60 Km from Kalmunai town.

More 350 Members from this Refugees Camp were benefitted by this relief distribution at Valathapitty Refugee Camp.

RCCR donated Mineral Water Bottles and Used Clothes towards the distribution at this Refugee Camp.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Floods reach dangerous level!

As of Friday, 04 February, 2011 "The flood situation in the country reached dangerous levels with the number of affected families increasing by over 100,000 within hours, bringing the total of affected families to 230,000, causing six deaths, official said.

The number affected stood at 100,000 late Thursday evening. Bad weather took its toll in 17 districts while it was reported that those affected were kept in 322 camps.

Spill gates were opened in all tanks in the Anurdhapura, Polonnaruwa, Batticaloa, Ampara, Vavuniya and Trincomalee Districts as almost all the tanks reached spill levels.

Director General Department of Irrigation G. G. Godaliyadha said that the Anurahapura and Polonnaruwa Districts posed the most danger as gushing waters of Nachchiduwa, Padaviya and Rajangana and several other tanks inundated all low lands in Anuradhapura while many areas in Polonnaruwa was also submerged. Medirigriya area was also submerged as the gates of Kavudulla tanks were opened." (YP)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thank you Stretchline!

Stretchline (Private) Limited - Sri Lanka, together with their Staff have come forward towards the complete sponsorship of cleaning 500 wells in Batticaloa/ Kalmunai.

RCCR would also like to acknowledge the receipt of Clothing and Mineral Water Bottles by their staff towards the flood affected in the East Coast of Sri Lanka.

Thank You!