Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dry rations including Medicines, Mosquito Coils and Bed Sheets worth approximately LKR 300,000/- have reached the Rotary Club of Kalmunai through our volunteers on the ground.

The total pledges Regency has received from friends of Rotary near and far up to now is LKR 854,000/- We are very grateful to them for their quick response.

The floods in some parts have started receding, and people are gradually moving back into their homes to rebuild their lives. It is reported that 19,368 houses are partially damaged and 3,859 are fully damaged by the floods. Some of the families now destitute were also affected by the 2004 tsunami.

The Disaster Management Centre in Colombo reported 38 people as confirmed dead and 12 as missing (OCHA, Jan 17, 2011). The UN in their situation report advised the local authorities and residents of the potential danger from explosive remnants from the war that ended last year which the flood waters may have unearthed and carried into the flooded areas.

The health ministry attempting to mitigate the threat of water-borne diseases have sent out medical teams into the areas. The damage to rice and vegetable cultivation is already felt in other parts of the country with their short supply and increased prices, and the cost of rebuilding of road network will high.

While some aid has already been provided by the US and Indian governments, and organizations such as UNICEF and smaller voluntary organizations, the UN appealed to donors for more funds and relief items for this emergency situation. The people affected are now in need of cooking utensils and clothes in addition to food and medicines as they begin to resume their lives.

We will keep you updated on our next steps.

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