Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IDP Receiving Hospitals - Situation Report by ACT

Action & Care Trust (ACT), who our club is working with on emergency relief for IDP’s, have been visiting some of the receiving hospitals. The situation assessment done by their team is as follows:
Vavuniya Hospital
Act representatives visited Vavuniya Hospital on 4th April 2009, accompanying the 1st donation of aid by our Trust. The hospital had a capacity to treat 300 patients, which it has currently expanded to 430 patients. However, warded patients are now at 1,200. In addition, there are accompanying family members plus those with minor/healing injuries, who are prohibited from leaving (and have nowhere to go). As such, the number of Survivors presently residing in Vavuniya Hospital, are approximately 3000 in number.

It is a well run hospital, under the care of Dr. Bavani Pasupathyrajah (Medical Director, Vavuniya Hospital). The sheer number of patients is the major problem they are facing. Of these, a very large number were children under the age of 5. There were a lot of babies and breast feeding mothers, newborns and toddlers with injuries.

Based on the data collected and upon request from the doctors in Vavuniya, Phase 1 Part 2 will include another delivery of relief items to Vavuniya.

Padaviya Hospital
Emergency treatment is provided as civilians come off the boats in Pulmodai. Patients with a good chance of survival are dispatched to Padaviya Hospital.

Our Trust Chairman Professor A.H Sheriffdeen travelled to Padaviya Hospital on 19th April 2009, to assess the medical situation. He confirms that treatment facilities are overcrowded and Padaviya Hospital is over capacity (despite an expansion into a donated garment factory). Human resources are limited (doctors, junior doctors, nurses, orderlies) and as such, need to be expanded.

As expected, there were a large numbers of babies and children under 5. Total number of patients is around 1,500.

Pulmodai Field Hospital
Very little data is presently available to ACT. Reports range from the existence of a fully equipped hospital, to quick “on-the spot” emergency treatment facilities after which, patients are transferred to Vavuniya or Padaviya. We will be researching how to help Pulmodai Field Hospital shortly.

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