Saturday, May 14, 2005

Finance Report as at 30th April 2005

1. Income & Expense Summary as at 30th April 2005

Total Donations received as at 30th April 2005 Rs. 43,353,763.43

1. Dry Rations ------ Rs. 2,139,103.39
2. Medicine ---------Rs. 812,440.40
3. Household Effects ( eg. Pillows, sheets, pots & pans) ----Rs. 2,230,139.50
4. Personal Effects ( eg. Underwear, baby bottles, sarongs etc) ---Rs. 786,967.75
5. Livelihood Projects ( eg. Outboat motors etc) ----Rs. 400,000.00
6. Mobile Toilets ------Rs. 900,000.00
7. Rotary Club of Kandy Metropolitan ----Rs. 48,462.00

Total Expenses on Tsunami Relief-------------Rs. 7,317,113.04

Tsunami Relief Fund Balance ----------------- Rs. 36,036,650.39

Point 5 in the last report was shown as Rs. 900,000. Of this Rs. 500,000 was for Mobile toilets, which has now been shown as a separate expense item. During April a further Rs. 400,000 worth of toilets were ordered.

Point 7 above relates to a donation of US $ 500 made by credit card, that had been accidentally sent to our club, when the donor intended it to be sent to the Rotary Club of Kandy Metropolitan.

2. Administration Income & Expenses

Administration & logistics related expenses have been recovered against interest income earned by placing the available funds in overnight government treasury bills ( securities)

Total Interest Income Earned -----Rs. 561,071.83

Less :Admin, Transport & Logistic Expenses ------- Rs. 108,710.00

Balance Available -------Rs. 452,361.83

**** We promised to give you information regarding how the balance funds for projects would be allocated among our 3 main project areas. At this point we are waiting for estimates of costs on each of the projects. Hopefully we should have this information ( mainly housing and schools) within the next 2 weeks, at which point we can indicate how our existing funds will be allocated and what our funding shortfall is. *****

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