Monday, April 18, 2005

Regency Tsunami Projects - Finance Report as at 31st March 2005

1. Income & Expense Summary as at 31st March 2005

Total Donations received as at 31st March 2005 - Rs. 41,781,013.93

Total Expenses on Tsunami Relief - Rs. 6,868,651.04

Expenses Summary
1. Dry Rations Rs. 2,139,103.39
2. Medicine Rs. 812,440.40

3. Household Effects ( eg. Pillows, sheets, pots & pans) Rs. 2,230,139.50
4. Personal Effects
( eg. Underwear, baby bottles, sarongs etc) Rs. 786,967.75
5. Livelihood Projects ( eg. Outboat motors etc) Rs. 900,000.00

Tsunami Relief Fund Balance - Rs. 34,912,362.89

Note : The balance fund will be allocated between our 3 long term projects - Housing, School Rebuilding & Livelihoods. We will soon publish a table which will give a clear picture on how we propose to allocate the existing funds, along with our estimated shortfall for projects

2. Administration Income & Expenses

Administration & logistics related expenses have been recovered against interest income earned by placing the available funds in overnight government treasury bills ( securities)

Total Interest Income Earned as at 31st March 2005 - Rs. 364,284.16

Admin, Transport & Logistic Expenses - Rs. 101,751.00

Balance Available for Tsunami Project Admin Costs - Rs.262,533.16

3. Total Pledges Received ( 26th December ’04 to 4th April ‘05)

USD 463,603.-

This estimate value has been calculated by tabulating pledges informed to the club via e mail or phone. This is by no means a conclusive figure, but merely a figurative indication of the support received to our club by concerned individuals, organizations & rotary clubs from around the world. Reasons why this figure does not match the donors list as at 31st March 2005 are;
- some donors are yet to transfer funds or are awaiting instructions from us ( example – matching grant projects)
- some donors may have transferred direct without informing us via e mail
- some donors have given an initial pledge but are currently evaluating our project proposals for specific projects.
- some donors have pledged one value but the received value is less ( mainly due to intermediary bank charges)

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