Thursday, March 03, 2005

Livelihood Development Project

We will also be redeveloping livelihoods of the villagers in a bid to help them restart their lives as soon as possible. Primarily we will focus on the village of Dutchbar, where our housing project will be. We will be providing them the financial means to restart their livelihoods, and provide them guidance to manage and their businesses at a later stage.

Up to date, we have sponsored:

  • Three outboard motors and other requirements of fishermen co-ordinated by Pottuvil and Arugam Bay Fisherman’s Association - a registered organization for providing relief in the East. The sponsorship was Rs. 500,000
  • Two outboard motors for fishermen in Komari, in the East Coast. The purchase is co-ordinated by Re Build Sri Lanka. Total cost of this is Rs.252,000 at Rs.126,000 per motor.
  • Six Diyakawa Fishing Oru (Boats), fishing gear and 1 Motor Mechanic's Tool Set for fishermen in Payagala, in South-West Coast. The purchase is co-ordinated by the Vanguard Foundation, at a total cost of Rs.271,780. (Cost of each Oruwa is Rs.26,250, and the cost for a set of fishing nets with ropes and floats required for each Oruwa isRs.18,290. The cost of a Tool Kit for a Motor Mechanic is Rs.4,540)

There are several more requests similar to the above that we will consider depending on the funding available.

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