Sunday, February 20, 2005

Zagreb Open Tennis Tournament in support of Regency's Schools Project

The tournament was held on February 12th successfully, and Rotarian Tomislav Maravic sent us the following message:

Dear friends,
We had our first International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians (ITFR) Tournament on Saturday and it was a great success.

(Text removed) ...... we'll transfer a total of $10,000 to Sri Lanka. That money will be used to rebuild one kindergarten. That will be our second donation to Sri Lanka (we have already sent $5,000 in December), and I hope we'll continue to help (at the moment we have 10 members from Sri Lanka)

(Text removed. Please visit the web site - for infomation of the tournament, and photos) We can all be proud of that and I want to thank to all of you for the support and help which made it possible.

Yours in Rotary
Tomislav Maravic, ITFR Chairman

Regency thanks Rtn Tomislav, ITFR, members of Rotary Clubs - Zagreb Centar, Zagreb and Hvar, the players and guests who participated in the tournament to raise funds for our schools project.

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