Thursday, February 10, 2005

Rebecca wants to help Read Write Sri Lanka

Rebecca Borjs, the 11 year old girl who made the headlines in Sri Lankan news papers with her generous donation of USD 5.00 is all excited to help raise funds and backpacks for Read Write Sri Lanka [RWSL], to help our children continue with their education. Imalka Senadhira of RWSL wrote a thank you letter to Rebecca, as soon as she saw the article in the newspaper. [see the RW SL link for the Daily Mirror stories]

Her letter said, "I was delighted to see your letter and to hear about your wonderful contribution, in the Sri Lanka newspapers. You made the headlines! What a special girl ...I think large hearted girls like you, will enjoy reading about the work I am doing to help the children of Sri Lanka. I have a 13 year old daughter, and she helps me with most of the work... Thank you once again for your generous contribution, it will help our people so much, and has already made every Sri Lankan very happy today."

Imalka had a call from Rebecca's mother soon after she received the letter and said how excited they all were to receive it! She received the letter in school and was able to read in front of her whole class! She now, wants to get her school involved in RWSL and who knows? She might be in Sri Lanka to distribute supplies personally!

Well done Rebecca.

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