Friday, January 14, 2005

Volunteers assisting Regency

Many volunteers from overseas have come to assist us with the relief efforts. The newest additions to our group of volunteers are:
Angelo Embuldeiya, a Sri Lankan IT student in Bahrain who wrote -" ..... I can volunteer at any of your aid agencies in Sri Lanka with regard to the skills I've mentioned above. I would appreciate you placing me as a volunteer for your organization in Sri Lanka ASAP"

Angelita Li - from Hong Kong, who wrote into say -
"..... as I mentioned via our previous phone conversation, I am
willing to do any kind of work to help and I am physically and mentally prepared. I look forward to meeting you and help rebuilding Sri Lanka as much as i can, thank you very much for letting me in!"

Jill Shirey, American Fulbright Scholar from California who is attached to the University of Peradiniya - Sri Lanka for her research, has been an enormous help to us. She will be dedicating her valuable study time to help us through.

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