Monday, January 17, 2005

Read Write first initiative completed

We have received the following update from Imalka Senadhira from Bethesday, Maryland who with the help of Sarasali Fonseka in Atlanta, Georgia initiated the Read-Write project to help restart the lives of students of 10 damaged schools. Thank you. We look forward to working with you in taking the initiative forward.

he Read Write Sri Lanka (RW SL) initiative in the U.S. shipped 75 boxes of children’s clothes, shoes, linen, toiletries, toys, dry rations, etc. to Sri Lanka on January 14, 2005. This package is expected to reach Sri Lanka mid February. Rotary regency will collect this package and distribute them to children in selected schools in the north, south and east.

RW SL team says a big thank you to people who contributed in kind and all who assisted in sorting and boxing them. In particular Paul and Evette Lindler, Christopher Ingraham, Chetana Senadhira for loading the 75 boxes to the truck. Special thanks to Marc Lande and Stephen Fernando for driving the truck to New Jersey and Sunil Wijehewavitharana of Colombo Express Inc., the freight forwarder for shipping for free.

Each box had pictures drawn with encouraging messages from the American and Sri Lankan children including many brownies and girl scouts living in Maryland area. Photo below shows kids drawing these pictures. [More pictures will be posted in the gallery].

rw kids

Thank you friends, children and Volunteers for giving up your weekend to make a connection to the Tsunami affected children in Sri Lanka. RW SL is not only about giving, but the main idea is the connection - to keep our world a small place."

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