Saturday, January 01, 2005

Mini Health Camps in Matara District

This post is late, but would like to share it anyway.

We mobilized immediately after the Tsunami. With one and a half days of donations, RCCR joined Dr Lakshman Weerasena and 15 other doctors and took dry rations and medicines along interior roads to Matara, Dickwella and Tangalle on 27 December. The group included 4 surgeons and 11 GPs. They held 7 mini health camps covering over 3,000 people. They dressed wounds and treated for pain, fever, diarrhoea, and lung infections among others.

Rotarian Prabhu says there were so many bodies lying and the Matara hospital smelt really bad. They had heard so many heart rendering stories. He could not believe people begging for medicine. He said it looked like the just after the Hiroshima bombing. He saw a crocodile that had such a feast he was unable to move.

We are ever so thankful for Dr Lakshman Weerasena and his team who always joins up with RCCR on health camps on many parts of the country.

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