Monday, January 31, 2005

A girls soccer team in Ohio raise money for relief with local RC

This is an [edited] email Tharanga got today:

"Greetings once again from the Rotary Club of Hilliard,Ohio,USA. This is to follow up on my last message to you. My daughter's soccer team, their parents, and the Rotary Club are sending you a check in the amount of US$ 840.00. The girls were pleased to hear that some of their money may go toward rebuilding and repairing schools in Sri Lanka.

I have also attached [a] photo of the girls that you may wish to share with your club. [It] is of the soccer team at our meeting. The adults in the back row are Coach Kathy Lindsey, District Gov. George Hale and President Tim Boysel.


Good Luck with with all of your relief efforts."

Marty Bretz; Past President, PHF
Rotary Club of Hilliard

Thank you to all of you from all of us.

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