Thursday, January 13, 2005

Donation Acknowledgements

As promised, we are finally able to acknowledge your generous wired, cheque, money order and cash donations to our Relief Fund. Below are all depositor names; the names are up-to-date through January 11th. Note: these figures do not include credit card donations. We will soon acknowledge those donations as well.

As of January 11th, we have received an equivalent of USD 229,400 in total pledges, of which USD 123,300 has been received thus far. This does not include the approximately USD 37,000 donations received through LankFood. [The exact amount as at 9 January is USD 35,493. Revision by Harsha]

In total, we have received an equivalent of USD 53,900 in donations from the following Rotary Clubs:

Anthony, Bellevue, Chilliwac-Frafer, Chittenango, Clinton, Mowbray, Donaghade, Farmington, FT Smith, Hamble Valley, Izmar Goztepe, Matsusaka, Mont Tremblant, Montpelier Rabelais, Pendleton, Pinner, Inner Wheel of Pinner, Raton, Ronneby, Settle, Skegness, Stuart Sunrise, Uxbridge, Winona, Zagreb Centar.

We have received a total of USD equivalent 69,400 from all other donors. These donors include Rotarians, private individuals, and organizations:

Roberto & Betty Agustoni, Edirisinghe Amitirigal, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, R.R. Antony, Karen Beyer, Robert Bozyk, Ann Brodie, Brus de Heer, Eva Cremon, David, Rosalie Von Lochhem, Loma Dies, K. Dissanayake, Division St. Hotel, Ricardo Dominguez, Earlsmead Charitable Trust, Ecolab Export GMBH, Louise Falck, H. Kent & Linda Falk, Michael Fernando, Robert & Roseanne Hardenbrook, William Jacobs, Jackie James, R.G. Jayatilleke, George & Shields LLP, Law Kwok Keung, Anne & Tom Kreutzer, Lamma Cricket Club of Hong Kong, P.I.M Alumni Association, Jim & Marcia Rintoul, Pamela Morris, Reza Samahin, Swarna & Cheri Samahin, Sasakawa, Ronald Scott, Wachmeister Hans Slottsallen, Sunrise Textile Access Trading Co.,Rosalie Von Lochhem, Winnitex Investment Co.

If your club or name does not appear in these lists, our bank has yet to receive your funds (cheques and money orders take time to arrive; wired funds can also take up to ten days to be received). However, please email Rotary Regency with bank transfer or cheque and money order details at if you believe we should have your donation by now. We will be expanding these lists as pledged donations arrive. Additionally, if you wish to confirm the specific amount you or your organization donated, please email us and we'll respond as soon as possible with your donation details.

We apologize for the delay in acknowledging the many contributions to our Relief Fund. It has been incredibly time-consuming designing and managing a relief effort while still working our day jobs. If you are outside of Sri Lanka, we hope our blog has given you a window into our work and that you feel your money has been well donated.

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Please correct my Aunt's name from Swarna to Warna Samahin. Warna Samahin is her correct name.