Wednesday, January 12, 2005

American Fulbright scholars becomes our temp help

This is to officially acknowledge the tremendous help we are receiving from Jeremy. Jeremy Gantz is a junior Fulbright scholar from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. For the past three months he had been studying the history of Sri Lankan education and its connection to colonial and post-colonial political and economic developments! He had been on holiday in Thailand when the tsunami struck and he says “I felt fairly hedonistic on holiday in Thailand after learning of the tsunami… so flew back to Sri Lanka to help with the relief effort; my research feels very unimportant now”.

After working with Sarvodaya's web team for a few days, a friend had put him in touch with Chamila, and within one day he suddenly found himself as our temporary secretariat manager; among others updating our blog and going through hundreds of mail we get everyday; working 10 hours a day minimum! He and Tharanga along with some helping hands from Madu’s team at Virtusa have now finally completed the enormous task of reconciling the pledges with the emails and we will be posting the same very soon. Another Fulbright scholar Jill Shirey has also just joined the team and contributing to the effort

Thank you Jeremy and also Jill for all your help, you have surely made a difference!

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