Tuesday, December 28, 2004

What we have done so far.....

There has been a tremendous response to our appeals for help. Scores of people from friends to complete strangers have been dropping by and donating stuff from clothes, dry food items, cooked food, milk food & medicines. All items received up to last night were dispatched either last night or this morning.

This morning our club sent 2000kg of rice and 500kg of sugar to the east coast. These were purchased from cash donations given by friends of our club.

Also a team of doctors (around 15) and couple of our members left to Matara this morning to conduct a health camp. Apparently there is a severe diarrhea problem there.

We are expecting major health situations in the coming days. So medicines are a major need. Medicine lists with prices will be available at www.lankafood.com who is working with us on this.

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