Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Visit to Paiyagala refugee camp

I visited Paiyagala refugee camp today as one of the guys working for our company lost his house and was there. Paiyagala is about 40km south of Colombo, just after Kalutara. The camp is at a Buddhist Temple there. There were approx. 2000 refugees there.

They had received plenty of cooked food, dry food & clothes. But there were requests for undergarments. Yes, undergarments!!!!! No one really thinks of donating this stuff for ladies and gents. I'm guessing this must be the same situation at other camps as well. So buy some undergarments and drop them off at Bary's residence at 15, Cambridge place, Colombo 07. Also stuff like toothpaste & brushes would be welcome as well.

I feel health is going to be a major issue in the coming days. Even at this camp there was a pretty bad smell from the toilets. Think about it, the toilet system at the temple was not built accommodate 2000 users.

If anyone is thinking of using Galle Road to go to the south, please rethink. I took 3 hours to make a 40km journey which usually takes 45 mins. The roads upto Paiyagala were fine, but beyond that it is supposed to be really bad and that was causing a severe traffic problem.

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