Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Urgent need for Medical Supplies

Thank you once again to all of you that have been sending us donations in kind and in cash. The priority now is for medicines since the Sri Lankan authorities fear that deaths from disease may be as high as the 21000 confirmed dead from the Tsunami. This is horrifying news and we must try and save as many lives as possible. We will be uploading more information on medicines that can be ordered through

This is a message from a fellow Rotarian in Washington who has made a contibution through

"As a Rotarian from Sammamish, Washington, USA, I wanted to help the survivors of the tsunami. I am so pleased that your Rotary club has acted quickly to make my donation possible. It was very easy to use to make a donation. I am comforted that Rotary is involved and feel that my donation will reach people in need.

Your members must be touched by the tragedy personally. I am so sorry for your losses of family and friends and everything else.

Bless You for being a connection for those of us who want to help and for offering your hearts and minds and hands to those in need.

Yours in Service,
Anita Anita Boser, Hellerwork Structural IntegrationRestoring Alignment, Agility &"

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