Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Movie Day After Tomorrow is REAL

I visited Galle with relief efforts which all friends of Rotary, family, friends all donated for dispatch.From Moratuwa it was a sight of just piles of wood, bricks and walls piled up along the coast, I called my friend who has reached Galle and then I mentioned this is a terrible site, he mentioned that it gets worse as you move along the coast and belive me if any sight I could delete it would have been my drive down to Galle from Colombo.

People qued up on the roads and pleading from a candle to mats to food and many of them did not want money when offered but wanted water, biscuits etc.

I was glad to be a Rotarian at this point in time and thanks to Members of our club who have been working tirelessly to provide relief, believe me its all worth it.

The journey to Galle takes 5-6hrs which is usually 3 but you do not feel the tiredness except the sorrow and the pain in your mind that is caused by the sights of horror.Its really inspirational to see all Sri Lankans from all parts of the Island in all types of vehicles they could find taking relief to all the affected areas.

We distributed food items in Galle fort, Talapitiya and sent to Ahangama, Deveta which are badly effected areas.Due to many towns being wiped out even non effected persons are short of food, I spoke to many Doctors, Lawyers who were in the cues to obtain Rations from the Camp that was distributing the same.

Finally the movie is true, we need to visit these areas more as persons want to express to us what happened and release there story to some one else.

God Bless all of us and the effected humans for a speedy recovery to Mother Lanka.

Rtn. Bary Jaleel
Director Community Service, Rotary Club of Colombo Regency

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